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"How about you with the quality? I recently ordered somewhere expensive CBD seeds and half was broken or only half. This time I would have questioned this first."
Our seeds are handpicked pack by pack. The content is always rolled over a Petri glass dish before filling - on all sides once. With tweezers, impurities such as individual flour bodies or broken hemp seeds are then sorted out in a very neat way. Of course, it can also happen with us that not perfect hemp seeds creep in. Especially in the hectic season this can happen once. To compensate for this, we will fill you in extra everywhere.

"Can you guarantee me the THC value?"
Yes and no! For example, used as a tobacco substitute, you are responsible for an accurate measurement of the final product.
However, it is very difficult and requires disproportionate effort to push our industrial hemps beyond the legal THC limit. But if we learn something else, we would immediately remove the affected variety from the range.

"Are your hemp products one hundred percent legal?"
In Switzerland, however, the CBD hemp products must be compared with the legislation of their own country.
Some products, such as hemp tobacco substitute we are currently not in the EU deliver.

"Could you send me an offer?"
We will gladly send you the current price list as a PDF. This is determined annually by supply and demand.
As we are unable to make individual offers due to time constraints and the high inquiry / order rate, I would ask you to find out more at www.gardinova.com. For further information we are of course always happy to help!

"I read seeds to the EU that they are CBD rich, but what does that mean?"
Most EU strains were originally bred to a stable THC level, but with everyone talking about CBD, we are often asked about it. The problem with the safe declaration of the CBD value in seeds is that not only the variety, but also the further growth of the plant, as well as the growth of the parent plants is crucial (so-called phenotypes).
So there are slight changes in the natural genetics of the plant. These patterns of inheritance and the influences of external factors, such as soil PH, location, climate and the like, are therefore quite similar to ours. So a plant on the left field border bsp. 3.4% CBD, while values ​​up to 5% or even 8% CBD can occur on the right edge of the field. Of course, it also depends on the time of harvesting, as well as further processing (eg cutting and drying). With more foliage on the flowers, the values ​​drop rapidly. But do not be fooled; With simple tricks (such as a simple extraction at home) can be made very high-percentage CBD products.



Shipping / Payment

"Dear Gardinova Team, Why do you only accept advance payment? I find this a little stupid in today's age!"
Clearly, this is suboptimal - however, CBD products are currently being boycotted by major credit institutions.
Moreover, it is very difficult for us to ask for a bill for a few francs / euros.
Please understand our situation.

"Are you delivering to the EU ?!"
Yes. Of course. It is EU certified seed. Also oils and extracts are readily available.
However, we assume no liability for incorrect procedures when importing or failing to comply with the local legal situation.
Before you make an order, we ask you to check the legal situation. In the case of rejection or disregard of the correct procedure when importing into your country, as well as in the absence of any necessary documents and authorizations, we can not return your money to you. We thank you for your understanding. CBD flowers will not be shipped to the EU at this time.
Note .:
However, more and more often we hear from customers (WITH import permits) that the Austrian Post (UPU member) is NOT processing/ shipping / accepting Products made of hemp or cannabis. Unfortunately, we do not have any influence on this. However, we are constantly trying to pressure and also ask our customers to confront the Austrian Post with it.
In recent times, Austrian customers are increasingly asking us for a discreet shipment in envelopes.
This seems to have spread via the Internet.
Normally we send packages or bubble envelopes for larger shipments, as we assume that
valid import authorizations / documents are available from the customer. Packed and air-cushion envelopes may, however, by
Be controlled by third parties. However, envelopes fall under the secrecy of correspondence and may only be opened for inspection if there is a recognizable foreign content.
The shipment in envelopes can currently be realized on customer request as follows:
-Max. 25 seeds per envelope. (Otherwise chances increase that a third party can perceive a foreign content.)
-Cost: 3.50 Chf./ Couvert (à 25 seeds) (1 order = 1 pack of 25 seeds)
-The valid terms and conditions & FAQs apply.
We do not encourage anyone to do this.
But we also understand the current, very conservative situation in Austria.

"Do you send a tracking code to your orders?"
No- Only with appropriate shipping information when ordering.
Tracking code shipments, as well as A-Post, however, are more likely to be stopped and tested at the borders of the countrys.

"My seeds have not arrived in a week, you certainly did not send them!"
We could not survive with such business practices. We have been an established company since 2015 and have a publicly accessible commercial register entry. Especially when shipping over the borders, there can be delays of up to one month.
More conservative countries also have industrial / CBD cannabis seeds laboratory-tested for their THC value. Depending on the working method and utilization of the customs, this can be implemented quickly, but occasionally this can lead to significant delays. So we ask you to take this into account in the delivery time. Unfortunately, we can only react if your consignment has been returned to us by the responsible customs office or if an unsuccessful delivery becomes apparent to us on the basis of the claimed tracking code (shipping method can be selected). So we will gladly arrange a new delivery to you.
For legal problems with the import, we offer NO money back guarantee. The legal situation (also for the import, not only the country-internal regulations!) Must be examined in advance by the customer.





"Can you tell me which strain could fight my chronic headache?"

We too hear and see an incredible amount of stories about the medicinal uses of plants from the garden.
This, of course, very often in combination with hemp. But:
No, we can not and must not. So we will not comment on medical applications.


Breeding / cultivation


"I would just like to cultivate the female plants, can you help me?"
The cultivation of exclusively female plants always requires a selection, because every type of hemp naturally has females & males or even females & hermaphrodites. (Except for feminized seeds, but this is not allowed in the approved varieties.) Selection means that male or, depending on the variety, the hibernal plants at the start of flowering be filtered out according to the male / female characteristics, respectively. Likewise, one uses the method of mother plant breeding. Thus, in the long run can be selected much more accurate (size, yield, and the like). However, mother planting / breeding requires almost a professional infrastructure and time itself. So of course we recommend the simpler version.

"With what grain / sowing quantity do I have to count on one hectare?"
Sowing strength varies considerably among our farmers. This depends entirely on the method and the desired end product.
Some growers saw them manually, others by machine. Of course, it also plays a role whether male & weaker plants must be torn to harvest the most beautiful, seed-free flowers to harvest. For other products, such as extraction of the end product, these factors naturally do not matter. An average / guideline would be here 25kg./ha. A dense sowing is certainly recommended because EU-certified varieties without expert trimming tend to grow in height rather than in width.

"This company offers EU indoor hemp from you with over 20% CBD, which variety do I have to order here to be really stoned?"
There are as many scammers as interesting varieties. In most cases, a selection must be operated in order to achieve higher values. However, most of these are expensive specialty genetics for the CBD industry. For this purpose, we put a lot of effort into our pollensafe breeding and experimentation rooms. Note: CBD should not make you stoned, CBD is NOT psychoactive.

"Which EU varieties can I use to grow indoor?"
Only your own experience can help you with this problem.
Everything is possible under the right conditions and a harmonious symbiosis of environment and variety.

"I have super-own THC Weed, would like to cross with EU hemp to get CBD only strains, like the Strawberry! How does it work?" XY has confirmed to me that this is going fast and good, selling X tons. "
Flo is a regional hemp activist with heart and the whole team will be happy to help. But we will not answer such questions.
Note: Few companies have "own" genetics/chemovars. Many make use of the regular cuttings or the seed market.
Note 2: Many great textbooks on the genetics teaching of plants, humans and animals are available on the market. These will give you an impression of what is possible & what is not.

"Are cuttings of EU varieties allowed on agricultural land in Switzerland?"
No, only sprouts / seedlings. So from seed preferred plants. The danger that harmful root hormones and the like are released with the cuttings / clones is too high.


Legal / Certificates


"Do I get a certificate for EU hemp to buy a small packet of seeds, which guarantees that this is EU certified hemp?"No- Our small packs come with a batch number that allows the authorities to trace back to the original seed label. They are not intended for commercial, agricultural use. The original seed label will only be handed out with large container (25kgs.) For agricultural use / industrial cultivation.This was determined by the EU and its control bodies. On request, however, a scan can be attached. 



Commercial / Industrial / Sales

"I want to sell your seeds in my shop, is that possible?"

We're really glad. However, some things have to be considered. For example, our Cannabis or Hemp seeds may not be sold individually or even unpacked. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

"Hello, I would like to use your seeds commercially, please help me!"
This is not a problem on our part. However, since we do not know / can really check if our seeds are being sown,
we assume no liability or make legal information. We would like to point out the official leaflets of the responsible authorities for your intended product. All sorts information can be found here:

"Do you also sell large containers and if so, do you ship them?"
Yes, we mainly sell certified large containers / seedbags. However, large quantities have to be reserved in the previous year (until 25.02 of the target year). Only in this way can we achieve the great demand of the market & ensure the desired quantity. Find out here how to order Bulk Hemp Seeds!


The shipping of large quantities is not a problem on our part, but we recommend picking up for larger quantities. At the risk of the customer (We can not verify the legal situation, such as any locally required permits. *). 
The seeds can also be sent by registered mail. By tracking code of the Swiss Post, this can be tracked online.

Alternatively, we can offer you shipping within the EU for most varieties.


* We had bsp. cases in the EU where no customs declaration was made by the customer & there was no authorization for cultivation. Of course we can not assume any liability for this. We therefore ask you to clarify the situation on your  side well.

"How can you get large quantities of agricultural produce from you, how should I proceed?"
Container to 25kgs. for agricultural use are delivered by reservation.

We send a reservation list at the end of January / beginning of February of the target year.

Important/Read first:

  • Please note that our online assortment is not an assortment reference. The availability of individual varieties depends on successful certification over the winter.

  • Reservations must be made until 25.02 of the target year and paid at 40% in advance. This is for our safety and to ensure the desired quantity in the market for our customers / farmers.

  • See shipping

Here you can register without obligation in the recipient list:

Bulk Hemp Seed Reservation

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