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​About us:


Since 2015 Gardinova has been dealing with industrial and CBD hemp and its cultivation and further processing methods.
Specializing in the breeding of new, conformist industrial genetics, great relationships have been established over a long period of time. Thanks to the close collaboration with our friends, partners, farmers and supporters around the globe, we can now offer a great many products and services for the cannabis industry and our loyal end customers.

This includes things like industry-oriented consulting, business plans, the creation of individual security and space concepts for the cannabis industry, as well as investment advice. From untreated and refined seeds, organic fertilizers and natural insecticides (currently in the BLW approval process) to hemp end products such as oils, extracts, e-liquids or unique varieties / genetics.
Everything from one source with the overview from the breed to the finished end product.
The quality is always very important to us. We attach great importance to maintaining the quality in all production steps up to and including the final product and, of course, to comply with the respective local guidelines and standards. We are particularly proud that we can deliver cannabis and seeds to botanical gardens, universities and other institutions. So we are still on the growth due to a lot of tailwind from our business partners and our satisfied customers. We thank you for this & promise that you will continue to actively support us for the rational use of hemp and the interests of the end customer.



Cannabis offers unique floods of options for existing and new markets. Countless products, services and the like have already been used to inspire the tax revenues of the state, the cantons and the communes in a conventional way. A large part of a whole generation could benefit from the right regulation of cannabis in the short term. This already without any new additional taxes. Cross-industry orders could generate record sales in already established industries. From the print shop to the local pastry shop, from the marketing company to the ventilation fitter.

Thus, we believe & consider it our duty to raise awareness amongst customers, producers and politicians to liberalize hemp with sound rules. However, the economy and the end customer would only be able to profit sustainably if these rules were set up from all sides. We think it is the wrong way to leave the helm to only a few companies. Due to the increasingly used automation of production and harvest, local unemployment would hardly be served. For example, private cultivation should be possible, which is normally taxed as income / additional income and / or at least allows the transfer to friends or social club members. This would ensure the quality as well as the diversity & guarantee the customer a wide range of efficiencies and tastes.
Big companies are already forced to put factors such as yield and harvest time above more important properties of the cannabis plant. Here you can well call the tomato greenhouses around the Spanish village of Almeria as a comparison. Should cannabis end like this?
It would also necessarily forced maximum operating areas per company / growers are held in order to prevent a price / quality deterioration and to guarantee diversity. Or would tax exemption with small numbers of lamps / acreage for private and micro companies have to be approved in order to guarantee all factors of liberalization (unemployment, AHV, administrative costs, protection of Swiss quality and pioneering location and Swiss small farmers)? So a compromise? Share your opinion with us!

Thank you for your interest in our company and I wish you all the best.








Job/ Career:



We are looking for delivery partners in the EU (DE, FR, ES, NL, IT, AT). (Part-time / commission / sideline) (W / M)
You think our products just pointing the way like us?
You are ambitious, dynamic and have a lot of self-discipline?
Apply for us !! We are looking for you!
You will receive from us a product stock. You are responsible for passing on our packages & for the country-specific online store, which will be provided by us. So you check daily order intake and take care of the shipping, the client and the storage. print invoices and offers, bringing packages to the post office, etc. Also You take care of the online New customer Aquisation and the product placement and advertising for the shop. So - You act completely independently and your ideas for the improvement of the process count as a full partner.
Our company is growing steadily and sustainably- and our product range grows. Our existing products are already industry across appreciated. This offers you a lot of space for advertising, creativity and of course, your profit.
Also for career changers. Internet access required. Social Media and Email practiced. Multilingualism preferred. Any removable.
Can be combined with JOB * 007th
Send us your application file; f.j.wehrli@gmail.com



We are looking also for representatives in the EU. (EN, FR, ES, NL, IT, AT). (Part-time / commission / sideline) (W / M)

You think our products just pointing the way like us?
You are ambitious, dynamic and have a lot of self-discipline?
Your well-groomed appearance does not brake your thirst for knowledge?
You might even experience as a representative? (Plant protection, animal care, pharmaceuticals, and such) or even already an existing distribution network? (Garden Centre, retailers, specialized distribution, etc) Apply for us !! We are looking for you !!
You are responsible for customer-aquisation and offline business. So you deal with Charm with B2Bs and and take care of the distribution.
You contact local businesses (horticulture, garden retailers, dog salons, pet retailers, animal therapists, and more). This is done through personal contact, e-mail and via telephone. You take care of the shipping pattern and carry the responsibility for the order flow, and warehousing. You act completely autonomously. Nevertheless your word counts.
Our company is growing steadily and sustainably and our product range grows. Our existing products are already industry across appreciated. This offers you a lot of space for advertising, creativity and of course, your profit. Any removable.
For career changers possible. Car preferred. Telephone and Internet access required. Multilingualism preferred.
Can be combined with JOB * 006th

Send us your application file;  f.j.wehrli@gmail.com


About us



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